Daft Punk are set to return next month with the release of the soundtrack to the much anticipated Tron: Legacy. It’s the duo’s first new music in five years and the buzz surrounding it has gone into overdrive in the past week.

The first track to emerge from the album is Tron: Legacy (end credits). To state the flippin obvious the song is called end credits, it plays over the end credits of the film and sounds like music which was made to be played over the end credits of a science fiction film.

This points towards the fact that the recording of the album was fully integrated with the film making process, rather than Daft Punk making a record independently and deciding to stick it on top of the movie.

Daft Punk in Dazed and Confused 3D Special Issue

Their return has been celebrated with a Mixmag, Daft Punk special issue, a Dazed and Confused cover story and a career retrospective in Little White Lies Tron: Legacy issue.

Although the leaked track suggest an album which may only really make sense when married with its accompanying visuals from the film; it’s still exciting to have the robots back!

Here’s the track in discussion plus a remix by Hobbz to whet your appetite.

Daft Punk – Tron Legacy (End Titles) by Hypetrak

Daft Punk – Tron Legacy (End Titles) (Hobbz Re-Tron) by Hobbz!